Drawing from traditional swing music genres of the 30’s, 40’s, 50’s & 60’s, we teach
Authentic Savoy Style (1930’s Harlem) Swing Dance, known at the time as "the Lindy Hop”
which later came to be known as the “Jitterbug”, in 1950’s Philadelphia and elsewhere.

At the present time we are not offering group classes to the general public.
Current initiatives include curriculum development to promote the
teaching of dance in the pubic schools in New York State.

In connection with this change, we are currently
seeking partners who might host us in the future
(examples of organizations who have partnered with us in the past include:
public and private schools; community recreation programs; dance studio owners)

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             Lynn Miller & Company
821 East Brighton Ave #1309
             Syracuse, NY 13205

             (315) 471-1289
             (315) 200-7190 cell



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